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  1. Every application for a Transfer Certificate shall be made in writing by the parent. T. C. will be issued only after the clearance of all dues.
  2. The Transfer Certificate applied for must be taken within three months of the child leaving the school.
  3. Security deposit should be collected by the parents within 3 months of last attendance.
  4. A fee of Rs. 100/-will be charged for a duplicate Transfer Certificate and this will be issued only 3 days from the receipt of an application. An affidavit affirming the original is irrecoverably lost should also be attached along with the application.
  5. The date of birth of a student once entered in the school register will not be changed.
  6. Before a student is withdrawn midyear, quarterly instalment of fees will be charged. No notice is accepted during the school vacations, and incase of a withdrawal at this time, the fee must be paid up to the end of the quarter.