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“ Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. “ ~ Muhammad Ali

Holistic education through physical activity and and sports help children improve their health and fitness levels dramatically. We have facilities for various sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Handball etc.

Students are taught basic skills and rules and regulations of the game. The abilities are then honed by regular practise in the field under the able guidance of the Physical Education Teachers. Special Training is provided to students also after school hours and also during vacations.

The school has aligned with EduSport for tracking the fitness level of the students. The EduSports programme is implemented through the SOAR™ platform- India's first integrated school sports and physical education platform. The EduSports SOAR™ platform has different modules specifically designed to address the critical needs of schools, physical education teachers, parents and children for a 360 degree high quality learning experience.

The SOAR™ tools draw inspiration from globally accepted tools and standards- The curriculum is based on NASPE standards. The Assessment modules are bases on FitnessGram methodology. These tools are adapted to suit Indian conditions.

Indoor sports are also encouraged and various games like chess, table tennis etc are taught through the clubs.

Sports week is favourite fixture in the annual school calender and provides an oppurtunity to students to showcase their physical abilities and compete against each other on a congenial evnironment.

The school teams also participate in various sports competition organized locally as well as by CBSE clusters.