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Secondary School

Age : 14 to 15

The secondary program prepares the students for AISCE (All India Secondary Certificate Examination). This is a two year program, Scientific thinking and method are introduced.

Independent thinking as well as an experiential learning are encouraged. The ability to work in groups are also inculcated.

The students are introduced to the concept of leadership. They are given leadership responsibilities to build their confidence.

Academic Aspiration

Children are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they need to succeed in academic environments. They can able to comprehend and encapsulate their learnings and apply them to different problems. They are introduced to the different avenues in life.

Health Goals

The students are now well versed in various group sports and are able to participate and work with teams.


Students are able to understand the changes that they are undergoing mentally, physically and socially. They are able to share and manage the pressures of daily life.