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Primary School

Age : 5 to 10

The Primary School is an integrated health and education model serving children, and their families, from the age of 5 through the transition to middle school. The Primary School provides a continuous, coordinated, and personalized system of supports for each child.

The primary school program aims to create confident, independent learners who can also work well in a group. Children are encouraged to think independently, to embrace new challenges, to work collaboratively, to build new friendships and to celebrate their successes.

Values like discipline, respect are inculcated in our students.

Mother –Teacher : We follow a mother teacher concept in classes I and II. Classes III onwards have individual subject teacher.

Academic Aspiration

Children are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they need to succeed in academic environments. At St Thomas School, we encourage your child to wander, to wonder, to be stimulated by their surroundings, by new ideas and friendships.

Health Goals

Children are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. They have built the biological foundations for lifelong health as well as the tools, behaviours, and knowledge to remain healthy over the course of their lives.


They are happy, have positive relationships with others, in their community and beyond.