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St. Thomas School is an ideal setting for learning: a diverse community knit together by its physical environment as well as by its commitment to the highest standards of excellence, integrity, free expression and inquiry. The school sprawls over a two-acre campus nestled on the outskirts of Bahadurgarh. a peaceful town which is growing very fast. The town’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it retains its small town charm even though it’s just a stone's throw away from New Delhi.

Our campus, despite its limited resources, today hosts learning spaces such as science and maths labs, dedicated language classrooms, library, multi-media center, music and art room among others.

Interactive white boards as well as Content Softwares are provided in language labs to enhance the teaching – learning experience in an interactive, fun-filled manner for the teachers and students. The content is tailor made on a CBSE syllabi. The school has aligned with Hitachi for its Interactive white boards and Next Education for its computer based classroom learning solution.

Sports and games are an important part of education and curriculum. The school has basketball, volleyball, football, kho-kho courts as well as a separate play area for the primary students. Summer camps as well as after-school programs are conducted to ensure a holistic education is provided through sports.

STS has a well-qualified, diligent, dedicated and experienced staff. The administrative team provides leadership towards the achievement of the school’s strategic initiatives and vision. The school’s dedicated staff help ensure professional management of resources and facilities. Together, we form a team that focuses on the care and education of our students, in partnership with the parents.

The school has its own fleet of buses, which cover most parts of the town. The buses are all installed with GPS, CCTV cameras, speed governors etc in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Transport authorities.