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Middle School

Age : 11 to 13

The middle school program prepares the students for secondary education. New subjects are introduced and the basics of these new concepts are shaped and built up on the minds of the students.

Independent thinking as well as an experiential learning is encouraged. The ability to work in groups is also encouraged.

The students are also introduced to various clubs and houses for their holistic development.

Academic Aspiration

Children are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they need to succeed in academic environments. They are able to comprehend and encapsulate their learnings and apply them to different problems.

Health Goals

Students understand their physical limitations and capabilities and how to overcome them and are able to apply themselves to learning games and sports. They have understanding of how to play and the ability to play team sports.


They understand their lives are entwined with those around them and are able to express their emotions. They are able to connect with and embrace people from different communities, and backgrounds with open minds.