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Senior Secondary School

Age : 16 to 17

The Senior Secondary program prepares the students for AISSCE (All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination). This is a two year program. The students after choosing the stream of their choice: Science Or Commerce, put their mind and soul to honing their skill-sets and knowledge in their chose domain.

Throughout the program students are given leadership responsibilities. They are sought to face different facets of life within and outside the classroom environment. The students are furthermore exposed to the life avenues and difficulties. They are inculcated the value of toiling and persevering.

Academic Aspiration

They will go on to excel in the top colleges in the country, and go on to pursue careers of their choice that are both economically sustainable and professionally fulfilling. They will also be able to chose their passions and pursuits and apply their learning , discipline through out their lives.

Health Goals

They are taught the theoretical aspects of Physical and Health Education. The students are now well versed in various group sports and are able to participate and work with teams as well as individually. They can led teams.


Students are dynamic, understanding , respectful. They go on to live meaningful lives., They become leaders ( in their community and beyond ), live out their passions and curiosities, and give back to the world.