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From The Founder's Desk

It look many philosophers and educationists to create the system of education that we are a part of today. Vivekananda, Radhakrishna, Gandhi, Dewey, Ambedkar - the names and the efforts were large. The System was not willing to be broken and social change was no easy task.

But what kept them going? A vision, a mission and a dream, a need for something better, unwillingness to complacency and reluctance to fit into something easy. They weren't willing to give up till they reached what was close to perfection to them.

About 60 years later, we moved on in a system created by our forefathers unwilling to change, not ready to mobilize and thoroughly satisfied. Does that mean that we have succeeded to be a part of something perfect? Or does that mean that somewhere down the lane we have lost out on visionaries - men and women willing to question the system and help us move towards something better?

So today in this school of future educationists, entrepreneurs and professionals. I put across a challenge to make visionaries of students. People unwilling to settle for anything but the best, futurist not willing to fall in a rut, citizens aware of where they stand and where they need to reach and thinkers who question every choice they make.

I wish all of you luck in this new zeal that I put forth.

Founder Principal