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Leave of Absence

  1. Leave of absence for any reason other than illness requires a prior written application and is granted only for very important occasions. In case of illness, an application is to be submitted on commencement of leave.
  2. Sick leave exceeding two days must be covered by medical certificate.
  3. No leave is granted on examination days, or after three or more consecutive holidays.
  4. School discourages leave for more than 2 days for domestic and religious functions.
  5. Students, after recovering from communicable diseases, will attend classes only after submitting a fitness certificate, stating that isolation is no more required.
    The quarantine period for:
    Measles - 10 days after appearance of rash.
    Chicken-Pox - 15 days after the falling of scabs.
    Mumps - Until the disappearance of swelling.
  6. Repeated or extended absence (of one week) without leave, tenders the student liable to have his name struck off from the rolls. Readmission, if granted, will only be after the payment of fresh admission fees.
  7. All students are expected to attend classes on the re-opening day after each vacation. If absent without prior approved leave for 2 days at beginning of the session or after the summer or winter break, the student is liable to pay re-admission fee (If re-admitted).
  8. Leave of absence without reason will be fined per day.