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Sports First

Founded in 2015, Sportsfirst’s well-planned, sequential and progressive approach towards training the students ensure that each child spends ample hours in the ground. Scientific approach, unique curriculum and skilled trainers take care of the overall mental and physical development of the students via a crafted program customised as per student skill and age.

Next Education

Founded in 2007, Next Education is a fast-growing, technology-driven company revolutionising the education system in India. Every day, our innovative products and solutions transform the lives of 10% of India’s private-school-going children. More than 10,000,000 students study in 10,000 of our partner schools, across a wide socio-cultural and geographical spectrum of the country.

Parentsalarm envisions to provide the best software experience to the educational institutes using the technology as innovation. We are here on a journey to provide 360 degree IT solution to the schools, no matter what ever existing technical expertise they have. We are here to bring all the stake holders of the education system closer by using innovation, expertise, technology and advancement.