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About Discipline

  1. All students must be punctual and properly dressed in complete school uniform for all activities in and out of the school.
  2. Free movement individually or collectively with out the class ‘Out Pass’ with in the premises is forbidden
  3. Shouting, whistling, throwing bits of paper or chalk or stone, teasing fellow students or animals and using any abusive language, is strictly forbidden.
  4. Books (other than textbooks or library books), magazines, cameras, radio or tape recorders and any such electronic items brought to the school without prior written permission will be confiscated.
  5. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  6. Students should take care of their properties and the school will not be responsible for any goods lost.
  7. Students should move in line for all activities.
  8. If any student is caught for forging signature, he/she will be expelled from the school.
  9. No student is allowed to leave the school during school hours. In case of emergency the parents should make the request in writing. The authorised person other than parents should be identified.
  10. When a Teacher, Principal or a Visitor enters a classroom, the students should stand up and should remain so till they are instructed to sit down.
  11. Students should be with complete timetable and proper stationery for the class.
  12. Lending/borrowing of books, money or other material among students is strictly prohibited.
  13. Students should observe good manners at all times and they should spread the fragrance of their good conduct to bring credit to themselves, their parents and the school.
  14. Singing National Anthem/Songs and School Prayers are compulsory.
  15. Distribution of pamphlets, notices or eatables without written permission of the Principal is forbidden.
  16. Students should not posses any sharp objects, like blade, knife, paper cutter , etc., that might hurt themselves or others.
  17. Students are not allowed to wear accessories like bangles, jewellery, coloured band, coloured pins, sweat bands, nail paints, tattoos etc. Mehendi, Nail polish, Bindi, Nose pins and ornaments are strit and tattoos are strictly prohibited. Girls are allowed to wear small/round earrings close to the ear lobes.
  18. Those who disobey the rules will be detained from the school.